System administrators and account managers can create and edit clients groups.

This is an easy way for system users to share files between clients that share something in common without the need to assign a file to each one individually.

A group has a name, an optional description and can contain as many clients as you wish to add.

Groups are designed to mostly be an organization tool for system users.

Clients can not see or interact with other members of the groups they belong to.

They can also NOT assign files to groups. This is reserved for users.

Public groups

Groups, same as individual files, can also be made public.

The public listing page allows clients and visitors to filter files by public groups. A special setting can be enabled to them to list all files assigned to that group, even those files that are not public (in this case, no download link will be provided).

You can also enable an option to let clients request memberships to public groups. This way, files assigned to a public group will immediately be available to the client.

Public simply means that it can be discovered. Clients are not allowed to assign files to groups, even those that are public.

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