Manual installation


  1. Download and unzip the lastest version of ProjectSend to a folder of your choice, either from or

  2. Optionally, check the SHA256 hash against the one featured on the official site.

  3. Create a new database on your server. Create and assign a user to it.

When those are steps are completed, follow this instructions:

  1. Upload ProjectSend to your selected destination folder.

  2. Either:

    • Rename includes/sys.config.sample.php to sys.config.php and set your database information there manually or

    • Skip to next item to generate the file by inputting the data into a form in your browser.

  3. Complete the required system and administrator user information there and wait for the correct installation message. If the installer detects folder permissions issues, you will be notified after the tables are created and populated so you can fix the permissions manually.

Congratulations! ProjectSend is now installed and ready for action! You may login with your new username and password.

Note: chown/permissions: for folders should be set to 775 and files to 644.

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